Chicken Wings ( 500 Gm)


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A versatile piece of the chicken, a chicken wing comes from the wings of the chicken. Since chicken wings have a lot of bone on them, along with fat and connective tissue, they are excellent for making soups and stocks. Once the wings get cooked, they can be removed, stripped into meat chunks, and used in salads. Although in modern times, barbequed chicken wings have taken all the exposure. We cut our chicken wings to cater to all types of dishes, be it barbequed wings or just a simple chicken soup. The meat in chicken wings is quite tender and juicy and just melts in the mouth when cooked.


Q)How many pieces will be there at 0.5 kg?

A) 8-12

Q)How many people can be served in 0.5 kg?

A) 5-7

Q)Is this halal cut?

A) Yes


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