Chicken curry cut ( 1 Kg )


fully neat and clean ready to cook

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The quintessential product to any chicken curry dish, our skinless chicken is lacerated into chunky pieces to give an ampleness to your dish. This hand-selected meat pack constitutes half a chicken that includes one leg, one breast with the backbone, and a wing. With our box of Chicken Curry Cut, you will receive a combination of both soft and comparatively tough meat to balance the texture in your dish. Chicken Curry Cut is pre-cut, fat-trimmed, and cleaned into chunky pieces and is ready to be mingled with aromatic herbs and condiments to be whipped up into something delightful and delicious!


Q)How many pieces will be there in a 1 kg chicken curry cut?

A) 8-12

Q)How many people can be served in 1 kg chicken curry cut ?

A) 2-4

Q)Is this halal cut?

A) Yes


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